Going to visit subs and fetishists in Hong Kong was a touching experience, many of whom Mistress had not seen for several years since early in her career. This has put matters into a sharper focus with regard to sincere compatible well mannered applicants.

Mistress has, therefore, decided to rework the online questionnaire after six years with an increasing emphasis on compatibility and gaining the most accurate information from suitable applicants.

Only those that Mistresses feels will be a perfect fit for the chambers will be invited to make an appointment. It is paramount that you are honest about your levels of experience and any health issues you have.

Due to the advanced nature of the treatments available, novices cannot be accepted at the present time unless it is for a Hypno Domme or a Cross Dressing session.

Non interests are pure CP, leather bondage, age play (inc. adult baby), animal play (dog, pony, etc) and any form of brown or roman showers, intimate body worship, and sex. Applications without a valid mobile number and one line applications in text speak will be instantly deleted.

Time to raise your game, read all of my websites carefully!