The majority of Doctor Sadistra’s sessions are with clients and fetishists, already known to Her. Over 90% of first-time clients return. A thorough questionnaire, unrivalled by any other Mistress worldwide allows Doctor Sadistra to get to know you, all your kinks, and most perverse medical desires. Please note the Bitch Doctor is highly selective of those who grace London’s Twisted Clinic, so please make sure all levels of experience and interests are answered seriously and honestly in order to make your time at London’s Twisted Clinic’s white room the most thrilling and alluring ever.

Doctor Annabel Sadistra affords you the most highly confidential and pre-eminent experience. No two appointments at the Clinic will be exactly the same. Your desires for pain-management and patient confidentiality are assured at all times.

Hygiene is taken extremely seriously. One-use only sterile pre-packed gloves and pre-packed sterile disposables are used. There is a full auto-clave system to kill blood-borne pathogens and hospital-standard cold sterile wipes are used on all instruments and surfaces. London’s Twisted Clinic is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised by my female assistant after every patient.


Sub M first visited Doctor Sadistra at City Chambers in 2006. Here is his latest feedback on his third session in a nine year period with Dr Annabel Sadistra. November 2015.

Dear Mistress Annabel,
I don’t know quite where to start. Should I try to describe what I experienced on Thursday chronologically (I will do that at some stage), should I pick out what I perhaps suspect were the most off-the-wall aspects of the session (it wasn’t just a “here’s what I’m into, go do it” session) or should I start at the end, try to describe what I felt once you had taken me to a place I didn’t even know existed? I think I’ll start at the end but it’s going to take me a few sentences to get there.
The Germans have a word that often comes up in an SM Context: “Kopfkino” which gets translated as “Cinema in the Head.”
Everyone has fantasies, dreams, nightmares that they’d like to perhaps in some way experience in a session but often this is a problem: as a sub you start thinking “I hope she ties me down the way an evil scientist conducting experiments at a secret location would or whatever”. Something almost inevitably doesn’t quite fit: maybe you know you could probably escape from the bondage or maybe there’s a pressure point which you have to call (you come out of the role) or maybe the room surroundings don’t look right?
This afternoon I found myself in my fantasy: the evil Bitch Doctor had me strapped down to her table. The sound, the lighting, the bag, the bondage was so radically different from everyday life that I was somewhere else, quite literally in my wildest dreams: I stopped having to try to pretend and could simply experience.
It took a lot of work and a lot of skill to get me there. Starting in the final moments there was powerful and painful milking machine, the mixture of pain, pleasure and absolute desperation; there were the aromas and gases, the masks, the tubes, the noises, the feeling of utter helpless at the hands of a skilled “Bitch Doctor” and equipment I could only begin to understand. Then there was the combination of the Nova Pro and your suggestions: after a while I stopped fighting, I was everything you told me I was, a single-cell organism, an object and everything else at the same time. Then there was my bondage: the bag, the leather straps, the inflation, the leather mitts, the butt plug. On top of that came the fact that the rack was suspended and you moved it. Have you ever heard of the devil’s cradle? I’ve now experienced its high-tech counterpart.
And everything that went before seems to contribute to this incredible (I still can’t quite believe it) crescendo. There was the disorientation with the leather mask at the beginning of the session, the humiliation of the enema. And then there were the regular doses or aroma: perfectly timed and just enough to keep me fighting, struggling to find me bearings, trying to understand what was happening before being pushed under again.
Your female assistant played her role magnificently. At the beginning, as she was feminising me, she was friendly but at the same time left me in know doubt as to what she was going to do to me. “It fits you perfectly!” she said, taunting me as the she fitted the rubber pussy. The feelings of humiliation and excitement were overwhelming.
What made the whole thing even more impressive was that she new exactly how to fit everything: the tits, the catsuit, the tights, the corset, the garter belt and the pussy. I’ve experienced other sessions with competent and experienced Dommes who’ve nonetheless struggled with some of the clothes and this really detracts from a session. Not with Your female assistant!
She also fitted the (seriously heavy) leather mask perfectly: it was disorienting, scary but there were no pressure points and I could get (just) enough air.
I sat on the toilet having released my enema, which you expertly and sadistically administered, teasing my anus yet mentally taunting me with your desires and demands. Later, in the bathroom, I was beginning to feel cold. I heard footsteps. I was expecting you but Your female assistant came in holding an aesthetic mask. It was the first time I had actually seen Her during that session: I had been in the sensory deprivation mask up until then.
“The mistress says you have to breathe this.” she said coldly and pressed the mask over my mouth forcefully and purposely.
“Breathe it in deeply.”
There was no discussion, no sense in fighting. I was a prisoner, a lab rat and regardless of whether experiments were being conducted by the evil Doctor or Her assistant, my fate had been sealed long ago.
She administered the gas and left and quickly as she had appeared.
But Your female assistant’s role in no way detracts from what you did for me. Both in my time with you and in the moments when you were in the background and I was with Your female assistant or alone, I always knew you were the orchestrator, instigator, the brains behind this fantastic overwhelming adventure. You seemed always to know what would work, how I would react! The combination of bondage, materials, sensations, images and situations brought me to a point where I was no longer wishing for things, trying to anticipate the next step in the session. I was, instead, 100% in the moment, the subject of experiences I had never believed possible.
You’ve got a comment somewhere on your website about offering sessions “unparalleled outside continental Europe”. I couldn’t disagree more.
I have sessioned extensively in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands with some great Dommes, over the last 20+ years. But no one even comes close to offering the combination of an amazing playspace, unique equipment, skills in so many areas (bondage, role-play, aromas, breath play, medical skills, sadistic suggestion and hypnosis) that you have in the City Chambers.
I don’t like to constantly compare experiences and think about “best session ever” but what you did for me was qualitatively different from what I have ever experienced before! I can’t thank you enough.
Sub M
PS. I won’t be waiting 3 years for the next session. Sometime 2016 at the latest! And I will stay kinky for you (I can hardly concentrate on anything else!!).

Sub M first visited Doctor Sadistra at City Chambers in 2006. There had been an absence of six years between sessions. There was definitely some lost time to be made up for! Here is what he had to say post-session…

Good evening, Doctor Sadistra 😉
It’s now 21:25hrs in the evening and I finally feel ready to note down my first thoughts on our session. It was qualitatively different from anything I’ve ever experienced before.
Perhaps a few personal highlights from my side. Some of there were unexpected and that’s what made them so truly memorable.
I enjoyed the experience of being thoroughly rubberised and feminised, not one inch of my flesh uncovered in rubber. Your assistant made a great job of dressing me up and I like the way you work together: she is, in her youthful own way, dominant and sadistic but at the same time very much your maid. It was, she said, your decision that I would be feminised, that I would wear the pretty extreme high-heels and the false eyelashes, but she seemed to enjoy very much the process of dressing me up. The result was bombastic: as I waited for you strapped up to the mirror in the medical room with the kinky video running in the background, I felt for the very first time in a session genuinely bizarre-sexy, as though I could slip into one of the scenes from the movie. I think the eyelashes were the item that did it and something that I myself would never have chosen. Chapeau!
I love your plinth on wheels: the way you strapped me down to it, the way you tipped it so that I could see my predicament (do you know the drawings of Rubex?) and tipped it back again. Very skillful and exciting use of that piece of equipment!
The anaesthetic role play was fantastic. I’ve used poppers before (nice rush but usually after one or two hits less intense, although yours are the best I’ve ever experienced – real Amyl?) but your session was more intense. I remember the words you whispered about the line between consciousness and unconsciousness and the moment you asked if I would pass out as a result of the procedure. I don’t know which it was and, quite frankly, I don’t care.
I don’t know why I’m writing this because I certainly don’t want to provoke you but here goes. I had the feeling during and after the session that I could have taken more pain: not necessarily more intense pain (the needles in my scrotum and the electrics on my penis were tough enough) but maybe a bit longer. I don’t know, however, to what extent this was the result of the situation and I’ve got to rely on you to ensure my physical well-being and perhaps , in this case, protect me from my own over-enthusiasm.
The breath control session was magnificent!
“The mistress says you must be gassed!” (I would love to have been a fly on the wall!)
And then you arrived and fitted the mask, absolutely airtight. A little aside here: it’s amazing how few mistresses can actually fit masks properly: IMHO the basis for exciting breathplay. I could see the large red-canister: serious high-tech, seriously serious. And then the gas started to flow: I could hear it! It was so much more intense than “bagging” style breathplay where you feel the mask tightening. The pressure in the mask doesn’t change, you can breathe but you start to feel breathless, you want to trust your mistress and drop but somewhere there’s a gag-reflex that you can’t control.
Beyond that moment I can’t articulate much: of course I was conscious, because you said I shouted that I was coming. I can’t remember an orgasm or a even ruined one but once again I don’t care!
You took me to a place where nothing mattered, where I couldn’t even want more/less pain or to come/not to come: that’s not a typo, I quite literally couldn’t want.
After the session I had to, for the first time in my life, remind myself of who and where I was. (Wow! ) It was, to use your words, a mind-fuck and something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life. No other Mistress has taken me this far so skilfully and with so much attention to detail.
Thank you and I look forward to visiting you again at the first opportunity.
It might seem crazy after such an intense experience to be thinking about the next session but there’s so much on the website that we couldn’t do (as I said from the outset, I wouldn’t want to overload a session) that I’d love to experience (and other things I can’t even imagine, that’s the cool bit!) as and when you choose to incorporate it into our sessions and so much that I think we can both learn about each other’s way of playing that I believe it can get even better.
Staying kinky for you,
Sub M


The location of the Twisted Clinic is totally confidential unless you are granted an appointment. Suffice to say it is in Central London close to the Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College London. The building is totally self contained with it’s own front entrance, superbly appointed with the extra of two luxurious spa bathrooms, no other Mistresses use the facility. Not all applicants will be granted access and there is a stringent selection criteria. Discretion and integrity are key and you must be capable of humility, good grace and patience.

Just because you are paying a fee does not give you the right to be heavy handed or overbearing in your demeanour, all your experiences at the clinic will remain a secret, should this be a problem to you I would rather not accept your application. This facility is not for everyone! Application to become a patient at The Twisted Clinic is via the online questionnaire ONLY. You will then be required, if I accept your application, to telephone me at an appointed time to verify that you are genuine and sincere.

Everything at the location is spotlessly clean and completely hygienic, recently large sums have been spent to make the medical area the best in the UK. Bookings are taken six days of the week to pay supreme attention to detail and prepare in depth your application. The Twisted Clinic may be booked for two, four hours, or whole day slots only, you will be given time either side of this to shower and have some recover from any treatments, mental and physical. Doctor Sadistra promises you the best, unseen before outside Continental Europe, a stunning experience for those ready for something utterly mind blowing!

En-suite golden shower room to the white room. All kinds of bizarre champagne practices and force-feeding dreams undertaken with skill and integrity. Doctor Sadistra is an Arch-Humiliatrix, should you wish for your cheeks to burn when enforced consumption takes place! Black rubber urinal and urine-re-breathing optional.