There really is soo much kit and equipment and exciting treatments available a City Chambers that Mistress and sub/fetishist could play for a whole week without ever using anything twice! Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit (Unique to Mistress Annabel in the UK), two milking machines, mind blowing Rubber/Latex collection, superb new revamped Medical Twisted Clinic, full TV Boudoir, largest collection of Rubber Doll attire of any Mistress in the UK, stunning bondage facilities with six point suspension, Black Rubber Operating Theatre…..gases and aromas, the list is truly endless. Whole day sessions up to 8hrs. Commencing as early as 10am with a refreshments/light lunch in the middle give you a short time to catch your breath.

The studio is based in Central London, four minutes of foot from the tube and 25 minutes from Heathrow by tube, less than a minute by car to the main A4 coming into Central London and moments away from the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and Knightsbridge. Tons of hotels nearby to suit all tastes. What are you waiting for? Special rates for whole day sessions and for the journey of a lifetime! No other Mistress in the UK offers such long sessions with such stunning facilities and experience. You will feel totally immersed and over 90% of new clients return again for further kinky adventures and complete control. Perhaps you need to be taken out of yourself? Maybe you work very hard and never take the time to completely unwind? This is the perfect kinky erotic escape! City Chambers is a wonderland of fetish and fantasy that await you with skillful, intelligent control and erotic Female Domination. I offer you the best.